The truth is everyone is given a measure of talents from the Master (God). And you've been entrusted to use it!  (Matthew 25:14-27)

Have you been hiding it?  Don't know what it is?

Let's talk about that struggle today. Hope you are blessed and encouraged in God's truth...

7 Sep 2017

How to keep your relationship with God strong during the new school semester.

I've been searching with the Lord why some people turn and go their own way instead of leaning on God and trusting and following Him. These people say they have a relationship with Jesus, but I'm wondering if what they thought was a relationship wasn't how Jesus intend...

27 Aug 2017

It is so easy to become bitter and angry when we endure pain, hardships and suffering. We often want to run away from the Lord instead of running towards Him. We wonder what He is doing in our pain. There is HOPE and a powerful truth in the midst of suffering... God is...

20 Aug 2017

Hi! My name is Hope, and I look forward to sharing my testimony this month of how the Lord took and used the pain of a broken relationship and heart to strengthen a new hope and an excitement for a brighter future! .

// Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans that I have...

17 Aug 2017

Birthdays are fun-especially when it’s yours. It’s one day out of the whole year where YOU are celebrated. Cake, balloons, birthday cards filled with kind words-it’s basically the best day of the whole year! In my latest video, I talked about our spiritual birthday (I...

13 Aug 2017

Sometimes the world brings you unexpected change and heartbreak and things may seem to be falling apart. But it's in those times we find where our foundation and hope lie. People and things will let you down and change, but God never will.

Today I share my story of a br...

6 Aug 2017

 We are starting our beautifully broken series today!!! Who is excited?? I'm (Meg) focusing my video on my testimony and how God delivered me from a hard situation and how He made my brokenness beautiful!

God works all things out for good to chose who love Him and are c...

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August 31, 2017

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