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Discipling this next generation of girls to be strengthened in the Holy Spirit, sharpened in God’s Word, and sent out as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

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GL4G sees the beautiful image of Isaiah 61 happening in this next generation as girls find freedom in Christ. They are being clothed and crowned in their royal identity, growing into mighty oaks, and ministers of the gospel. They are helping restore their generation to one that knows and glorifies God.


Our Story

To invest in “her” is to change the world. I haven’t experienced a greater joy or reward than to see a girl discover her true identity in Christ and walk in the fullness of what God has for her. It’s powerful and it doesn’t stop with her. Her faith will move mountains in her family, in her peers, and in the work of her hands. You know a girl too. She was made for some- thing greater than what the world offers.

In 2010, I was a girl who stepped out in faith as I asked God a question, “How do I tell her she doesn’t have to settle; that you have so much more for her if she will trust you with everything?!” God answered that heart-felt question with a calling to testify to this next generation of girls and help show “her” that narrow path.

Many steps of faith took us from our first book & resource, Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending, to a website and blog, to several Christ-centered events big and small and then becoming a nonprofit. Now, more than ever, we are inviting others to join us on mission for HER!


Dechari Cole, Founder & Executive Director of GL4G.


Girls, we want to equip you with the tools to live your life wholeheartedly for God! The way we do this is through our discipleship community, biblically based resources, and Christ centered events. These are all prayerfully designed to encourage, teach, train, and equip you to:

1. Seek God with all your heart. (Jer. 29:13)

2. Testify to His truth (Acts 20:24)

3. Learn to follow His voice (John 10:27)

4. And be courageous in all you do (Joshua 1:9)