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Dechari Cole is the founder of GL4G, an author, creative speaker, and creator of faith-based events such as My Fairy Tale Ball; but more than anything she loves testifying about Jesus! She is excited to share her heart and God’s truths in a big way this year as she brings these amazing events to your group of girls. 


Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending
Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending
Grab your girl friends and get ready for the journey!

a  Royal Invitation



Battle Cry Event

Rise up daughters of God! It’s time to put your armor on.

Session 1: The Battle for Your Heart

Session 2: Satan’s Tactics & Our Armor

Session 3: Heavenly Strategies; This Is How We Fight


My Fairy Tale Ball

Stemming from the book, Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending, comes a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a daughter of the King. At the Ball, girls discover the desires of their heart are complete in their true Prince, Jesus.

Video/Message Gallery


A Different Kind of Girl

The “fruit” of Hollywood’s way vs. God’s Way

The knock-off vs the real deal

God’s best / Satan’s less

Knowing the “why” so you don’t say “why not”

True definition of purity

Being a different kind of girl


Beautiful Are the Feet

Why the world needs you

Understanding the battle ground

Made to shine

The worst thing you can do

Where the real work takes place

I can testify

designed with purpose.jpg

Designed with Purpose

Discovering your purpose in who God’s created you to be

Finding God’s will & purpose for your life

Understanding God’s purpose for relationships, sex, & marriage


Worth the Wait

Girls Only Weekend

Session 1:  

Is God keeping me from having fun? Really?!

Session 2:

Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending

Session 3:

Worth the wait

a princess story (1).png

A Princess Story

The different shoes we wear

The fairy tale in our heart

Finding the “One”

Our true identity

events logo.png

Customize Your GL4G Event

Topics Include:

A personal walk with Jesus

Taking big steps of faith

Reading the Bible

Seeking God’s will for your life

Relationships, dating, sex, & marriage … God’s way

The unseen battle

Fighting fear & comparison

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“I loved today's IG live and just got touched in so many ways!! :))) I was just touched by God with the purpose thing that everyone was talking about. Like our purpose all comes back to God and his amazing son Jesus Christ who gave his life for us. What we are doing now wouldn't be possible if he didn't die for our sins!”


—  Battle Cry Event

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