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dates with jesus: month 4

August 17, 2017



Birthdays are fun-especially when it’s yours. It’s one day out of the whole year where YOU are celebrated. Cake, balloons, birthday cards filled with kind words-it’s basically the best day of the whole year! In my latest video, I talked about our spiritual birthday (I like to call them “Jesus Birthdays”) and how important it is to celebrate this day. Our Jesus birthday has a higher importance than our earthly birthday. Why? Because our Jesus birthday symbolize a new season-a line in the sand- stating that you acknowledge the work that Jesus did for you on the cross, that you are choosing to give your heart to the one who created it and that you are grabbing His hand as He guides you through life. That is something worth celebrating.

As I was filming this video, The Lord impressed upon my heart to reach out to those of you who don’t know when your Jesus birthday is. Surprisingly, not many people know when this day happened for them. If it weren’t for my mother, I wouldn’t have remembered the date as a four year old girl because what four year old pays attention to that kind of detail? All of this to say, if you're feeling bummed about not knowing the date you gave your life to Christ, don’t be, because I have an idea for you.

Make today that day.


God looks at the heart, right? And if He looks at the heart, do you think He would rather you celebrate the day on the exact date that it happened or would He be happy that you are taking a day out of the whole year to celebrate it? Think about Christmas. No one really knows the exact date when Jesus was born, yet we celebrate it in December to acknowledge His birth. The Bible clearly states that God looks at the heart (2 Chronicles 16:9, 2 Samuel 16:7, Psalm 139:23) and I think it would make His heart happy to know that you, His daughter, are picking a day to celebrate your new life in Him. After all, it would be better to celebrate it on the “wrong day” than to not celebrate it at all, don't you think? Turn that frown upside-down, sister; this is your day.

Grab your Bible and journal, put on your favorite dress, throw on some lipstick and go celebrate your new life with the One who gave it to you!

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