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The Coronation: Interview with author Livy Jarmusch

July 17, 2017


 This girl is so amazing and we know this book will be too! God has gifted Livy Jarmusch with so many wonderful talents and she uses them to share the gospel with as many people as she can! We are honored to be her friend and sisters in Christ. And today we are so excited to share our fun little interview with this wonderful author. ENJOY! <3


Q: What is your new novel, The Coronation, about and who is it for? 

A: The Coronation is about a modern-day monarchy in the fictitious European nation of Tarsurella. The Royal Family (who this story centers around), is a spunky group of Christian, homeschooled siblings (all eight of them)! The oldest son, Prince Addison, is getting ready to soon inherit the throne and everyone in the Kingdom is buzzing as they prepare for his official Coronation. His younger siblings are facing their own issues as well, as they deal with potential relationships, coming changes, and life in the spotlight. This story was written specifically for teen girls, but I have friends in their twenties who have said they enjoyed it as well!   

Q: What parallels might the girls expect to see that will encourage them in their walk of faith (without giving away too much of course)? 

A: I'm going to be careful here and make sure that I don't reveal any spoilers. But let me just say this much, the Royal Family faces something very unexpected and traumatic and their faith is most definitely put to the test. Some girls who have already read The Coronation said that mentally walking through this journey, with these characters, opened their eyes to things in their own lives, and strengthened their faith because of how they saw the characters respond. At one extremely intense moment, one of the characters quoted scripture, which I think really displayed the power of God's Word, it was beautiful how in the moment of desperation, those declarations of faith were made, despite the darkness happening all around them. 
Even though it's "just fiction", and some people might think a fictional story isn't as important as a non-fictional, devotional style book, the amazing thing about stories is that they bypass your mind and go strait to your heart. Even Jesus taught in parables! Stories have a way of cutting very deeply into your heart, and leaving you with lasting lessons that you won't forget right away. I've been amazed and truly humbled by some of the feedback I've been getting from The Coronation readers, who each appear to be processing this tale in different ways. What's really cool, is that the Holy Spirit will use one part of the story to encourage someone, and another part to encourage someone else - so yes, I believe this book will be encouraging and faith-stretching to whoever picks it up!   

Q: What inspired you to write the book and what's been the hardest and best parts about writing it? 

A: I've always loved to write. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been writing stories. But this is my first full blown novel, so this has all been brand new territory for me! It's hard to pin-point an exact moment where I decided to sit down and write The Coronation. This idea has been bubbling around inside for years, and it's been a slow process of bringing it about. The hardest part about writing, is overcoming your own doubts and insecurities and the nagging thoughts that say, "Is anyone even going to read this? Does anyone even care what I have to say?" But the enemy is a liar. He always tries to discourage us from stepping out of the boat, and walking upon the waves of the unknown in faith. Pressing through, writing, editing, writing, and then editing some hasn't been easy. But, just like the characters in The Coronation, I have learned so, SO much through this journey! 
The best parts about writing, is seeing how God can take your humble offering of fish and loaves that feel quite un-spectacular, and watching what He does with it when He breathes upon it! I'm just a girl with a pen and some ideas. But when God puts His super on my natural, something beautiful happens! I love seeing all the ways He has used this story (and will continue to use it!) and knowing that it came from a simple act of obedience and stepping out even when I was uncertain, brings me so much joy! God is so great at directing our paths, and walking us through the process! 

Q: Is there a character in the book you relate to? 

A: I think the character that I relate to the most, is actually one of the younger siblings. Her name is Millie, and she's a spunky little eight-year-old who enjoys dashing around the castle and having all kinds of imaginary adventures. Her older siblings are dealing with the daily grind of life, yet she's still able to be in her little bubble of joy and care-free-ness, which I just love! The Bible says that we can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven without having faith like a child, and I think Millie is a great example of that! When I grow up, I want to be just like her. ;)  

Q: Where can the girls get the book? 

A: The Coronation is available both in paperback, and on Amazon Kindle! 

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