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God uses the unlikely.

April 8, 2017

We've probably all felt like an unlikely person for God to use at one time or another... but it's not about what you can do, but what God can do through you. And as the body of Christ, you DO have a part to play! And it is really important! Hear about Dechari's experience of God using her in a situation where she seemed like the unlikely person for the job and how God had an even bigger plan in store.

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>  Sometimes we think, "I could never do that." And you might have other people tell you the same thing. But God loves to do a work where people know it was HIM. I like to think of how I'm sure none of Moses' friends said... Here's a thought, you should go speak to Pharaoh about letting all his slaves go. It was said that Moses was not so great with words... So I'm sure that never happened. Yet God, chose to use Him. If your heart is really for the Lord and you are willing, He WILL use you! He probably already is and you don't even realize how you are part of a bigger picture.


>  I actually under estimated in this audio just how scared I was. I was really afraid, but I put all that fear into faith that I couldn't do it, but that God could. What are you so scared of? Is God calling you to let something go, to say something, to take that step even though you don't think people will believe in you? God believes in you. Put your faith in Him doing the work through you.


>  Just a friendly reminder to ponder on... Our job is obedience to God. His job is to make the way and bring about His outcome! Just say yes, pray for the Holy Spirit to use you and trust for God to do the work.




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