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That's Who I Am.

February 18, 2017

Dechari Cole, founder of Girls Living 4 God (GL4G), shares about her struggle to find her identity and the temptation of where she might place her worth. Listen and be encourage with this faith-based audio blog. A five minute devotional followed by a five minute prayer time.

If this encouraged you or God taught you something through this, we would love to hear from you! Comment below or email us at




>  Many of us have heard not to place our worth in a guy or girl, but have you seen the temptation to place your worth in what you do? What are the dangers of that?


>  As we seek out to do God's will, what is it that God really wants from us? I mentioned this nine letter word... _________ .

What examples of this can you think of in Bible and what did their walk of faith look like?


>  To our GL4G friends who also don't know what their talent is, take heart! God has given you what you need and He thinks you're amazing. As you draw closer to Him and continue to let Him mold you and as you have a willing heart to let Him guide you, He will use you for the Kingdom. Don't put God in a box of what that might look like. He's a creative God and He can use you in a million different ways!  xoxo


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