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August 30, 2016



I suppose it all started with a question; followed by an unexpected answer. 


But first, go back with me just a little bit…


Joy fills my heart when I think back on my years as a teen, not because it was an easy time, but because God revealed to me how much He was molding me during those years. I honestly didn't know God was so active and involved in my life until the day came that He opened my eyes and revealed my husband-to-be. It was then I looked back and saw how God had orchestrated so many things that brought me to a place where I truly had Christ as my 1st love. He walked with me all those years, teaching me countless truths and guiding my path. 


I realized God was bigger than I knew Him to be. I saw where God had brought me and where I could have been. I thanked God, seeing that His ways are best and I didn't ever want to settle for less than what He would have for me. But like the Bible says, it's a hard path and the great number following the world's ways are missing it. Was there a way I could somehow be a shining light to the path God desires for us?


It was an ordinary morning as I looked in the mirror and chatted with God. With a burden on my heart for others to know the truths that I had discovered, I asked God a question. "How do I tell these girls they don't have to settle? How do I let them know You have so much more for them if they will trust You with everything?"


And guess what? God answered. 





This journey of publishing "Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending," starting Girls Living 4 God,  becoming a nonprofit, and hosting a Fairy Tale Ball was never a dream that crossed the mind of this ordinary, little North Carolina girl. But I'm thankful God directs my steps (proverbs 16:9). I've seen it's not at all about me and what I can do, but it's about what Christ can do through me when I give him my heart and say here I am, send me. 



After the past few years of God working in different areas and having us take some big steps of faith in waiting on Him, we are now seeing the pieces of the puzzle come together. We once looked at Girls Living 4 God and focused on the "4" main areas of faith that make up a follower of Christ. Now, as we relaunch a new season of GL4G, we feel God is calling us to put our faith into action. 


So, moving forward we are excited to encourage and call girls to…


1 - Seek God will all their heart (Jeremiah 29:13)

2 - Testify to His truth (Acts 20:24)

3 - Learn to follow His voice (John 10:27)

4 - and Be courageous in all you do (Joshua 1:9)


God is calling us to truly learn to live out a bold walk of faith ... and the only way we can do that is together! Yes, that means we need you! We are meant to sharpen and encourage one another in the faith (Proverbs 27:17). We are so excited to help lead this next generation to a strong walk of faith in Jesus Christ as we share the truths God is teaching us. We are even more excited to help teach you to do the same! Jesus told His disciples, "Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations... (Matt. 28:19)" Girls, God is bigger than you know Him to be and He wants to do more through you than you can fathom (Ephesians 3:20). 




To the church girl who tries to hold it all together, life following Christ is much more than a checklist of does and don'ts.


For the broken girl who doesn't know if they can go on, be encouraged for Jesus is near the broken-hearted and this world is not your final destination but merely a pit stop to eternity. In due time, Christ will lift you up.


For the lost and wondering girl, you need look no further. The thirst you can never seem to quench is satisfied in the one Savior who came and died for you so that you can be restored to your true Father, God. 


For the girl who is held back by the chains of fear, the perfect love of Jesus will break those chains.  God has called you out to testify boldly for Him; to be His hands and feet. It will be His strength through you that you can accomplish much more than you will ever think. 


Not because of me, but because of Christ in me.

Let's go and make disciples!


Dechari Cole

Founder/ President

Girls Living 4 God

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