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We are so excited you are taking this journey! This bundle includes the 3 key parts that will lead you to finding your fairy tale ending.

What's Included:

  • "Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending"
  • "Time With Your King" Interactive Journal
  • Over 125 stickers!


The book - Dechari takes you in like a new best friend for important conversations about your identity, faith, love, and more as she seeks God’s will for her life during high school and college to share the good, the bad and the hilarious! Chapters are short and sweet (about 5-7 minutes) and most of all very relatable as she opens her heart to share the things she learns. 

The interactive journal - This beautiful journal is an important part of the journey because it’s about you and God! This is where you get to look at Dechari’s story and seek truth in the Word and have conversations with your group and God. Each chapter of the book has a corresponding journal section starting with a custom designed scripture page you can color, reflection questions to go over with your friends, plenty of journaling space, heart to heart prompts to talk to God and open takeaway pages. This is where YOU get to send time with your King!

Stickers - These stickers are sooooo adorable - but more than that - they are packed full of encouragement & scriptures! We’ve found journaling  with stickers to be so much more fun and the messages stay with us longer. So we’ve included beautifully designed stickers of main lessons & scriptures for each chapter! It’s going to be hard to pick, but share and tag us with your favorites! Plus, we want to welcome you in to Girls Living 4 God and included a BONUS GL4G sticker page to use wherever you want!


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Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending Curriculum

  • *Local area pickups available near Nashville, TN - use promo code NOshipping

    *Shipping available in the U.S. only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and shipping.

    Contact us at for any questions.

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