Why am I drowning?

In today's short devotional and story, you get to put yourself in someone else's adventurous shoes! We all know life can at times be chaotic and overwhelming. But even in the chaos, Jesus calls us to put our focus on Him and go deeper with Him. No matter what our peers are doing, no matter if the storm we face seems too big, we are to REFOCUS our eyes on the One of whom the storms bow down. Jesus can pull you up when you feel like you are drowning... not only that, but He will bring you out to do the impossible with Him.

#DontStayOnTheBoat #BeBrave #RefocusOnJesus

If this encouraged you or God taught you something through this, we would love to hear from you! Comment below or email us at connect@GL4G.com.


> How do you feel like Jesus has been calling you deeper or to step out in faith?

> What are the things that tend to make you look away and hinders you from following where Jesus is leading you?


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