Thoughts on "Good" Friday

Hey, pretty ladies! Mary-Claire here, and I am so excited to be sharing something God has put on my heart with all of you beautiful people!

To begin, I would like for you to reflect on a time in your life that was absolutely horrible… like, couldn’t-get-any-worse horrible. We all have these situations, and they are no fun. Whether it be a break-up, family trouble, friend drama, or just a closed door, things can stink pretty bad. For me most recently it was a nasty, ugly rejection letter from an amazing four-week summer opportunity that I wanted SO bad. Unfortunately, I was not selected, and I was devastated :(

Thankfully, God used a friend to bring me to my senses. She told me that maybe God’s plan involved something even more amazing this summer. After all, I was going to have to miss my church youth camp and lots and lots of other opportunities if I was selected. Maybe God has something planned for me at youth camp that he doesn’t want me to miss, or maybe he has me scheduled to help one of His children in a way that I wouldn’t be able to if I was gone! So, I guess the old saying is right… “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

As I was chilling with God a few days later, I realized something. So many times we are presented with situations in our little world that seem devastating and life altering, but the Bible tells us that it is no longer about our little world when we become a part of God’s BIG world. God’s word says that when we come to God, He gives us the desires of our hearts. Contrary to what I used to think that verse meant, I have come to realize that it means He doesn’t always give us exactly what our earthly heart desires. Instead, He changes our hearts to line up with His if we allow it, and that causes His desires to become our desires. When something doesn’t completely work out the way we want it to, we have to open our eyes. We have to see that maybe what we think we want isn’t exactly what God wants for us. Though we might be sad for a little bit, we can rejoice in knowing that we are becoming exactly who God wants us to be. We can serve Him wherever He places us, and THAT should be the desire of our hearts!

The thing that ultimately came to mind when I was spending time with God, was this so called “Good” Friday. This is a sort of holiday where Christians remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion -- His torturous, cruel, agonizing crucifixion. Can you imagine being there that day and at that exact time? Can you imagine watching your friend, or even your enemy be put to death in such a terrorizing way? I mean, Jesus was beaten, battered, and torn apart. He was forced to carry His own cross up a HUGE hill, where He was beaten some more, spat upon, made fun of, and eventually literally nailed to and suspended shamefully on a cross. On top of that, He didn’t even deserve it at all. Jesus had never done anything wrong even though He was tempted and tried in the same ways we are. So, I was just wondering, how in the world is that good?!

Once, a friend told me that they didn’t exactly see the significance of Jesus dying on the cross. So many people did in those times, and so many people die sacrificing their lives today. I told them that it was because Jesus isn’t like us. We all deserve to die. If we were to suffer on that cross, just like the thousands who have before, it wouldn’t mean a thing, because regardless of how great of a person we are, we all deserve that. We all deserve the torture and the death that Jesus and so many others had to take. The difference, is that Jesus took it for someone else. He took it for you. He didn’t have one blemish that would give Him any reason to be murdered in such a way, yet this perfection gave Him the power and the ability to take every burden and sin we own onto His own shoulders, and shatter it. It gave Him the ability to annihilate the barrier of sin that we had created that distanced us from God. Because He was willing, it gave us the opportunity to once again become God’s children. Jesus Christ not only sacrificed His perfect life for us, but He rose again, and conquered it all -- death AND sin!!!! Now, if THAT isn’t good, nothing is.

My point, y’all, is that God LOVES you. He wants the best for you, even when you can’t understand that anything good is going to come out of whatever you are facing. Things happen that seem horrible to us in our small world, just like the crucifixion did to lots of people two thousand years ago. The thing to remember is that God uses those experiences to change lives. His BIG world is full of mysteries to us because we can’t see it all. But I do know that without that crucifixion I would not be able to experience the love and joy that I do today just like many of you. I would not be a child of the King, and I would not radiate that special beauty that God gives to His daughters who love Him.

So girls, next time you are enduring that break-up, those family issues, that friend drama, or those gross rejection letters, just remember that God has AMAZING plans for you. Remember that even though it stinks right now, you are blessed and can be joyful because you are living out God’s desires for your life. Pray that He will help you appreciate that! Also, remember that God is good… all the time. His plans are good, His timing is good, and because of an awful crucifixion two thousand years ago, He makes US good.

So maybe good friday is pretty great after all :) Love y’all!

Mary-Claire <3


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