Just as you are.

Let's face it; sometimes we're just a hot mess. We try to hide it at times, but we aren't going to be perfect and we can't clean up on our own. Hear about Dechari's struggle. It's one you may just relate to in one way or another. Ultimately we pray God shines truth on your life and brings freedom as she shares this Audio Blog of what God’s put on her heart.

If this encouraged you or God taught you something through this, we would love to hear from you! Comment below or email us at connect@GL4G.com.


> What is it you're hiding behind? What are you afraid to step out and let people see? What is holding you captive? (Ask the Holy Spirit to show you and then ask Jesus to do a work in that area of your life)

> Read 1 John 1:5-9. We have all sinned, but Satan wants us to continue hiding in the ____ but God tells us to walk with Him in the _____ (... and what happens then?)

> Have you believed the lie that you are not enough?

Sweet friends, learn the voice of the enemy and know the voice of truth... the Voice of your Creator, God. Satan's been out to destroy you from the very beginning. Think of how Adam and Even hid in their shame after being led into sin by the enemy, but God was calling out to them still, even though they rebelled. What is God calling out and saying to you now? What truth is it He wants you to know and lie does He want to crush?

> Remember, Jesus is there to meet you where you are and show you the way from here. Come just as you are to your Savior!

>>> We pray the Holy Spirit moves in your life to break you free from the things holding you back; free from the lies you've believed. We hope you can be vulnerable in your imperfectness and know when our hearts belong to Jesus, He will continue the good work He has started.

In Jesus name, Amen!


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