With all my Heart.

We can passionately seek after a lot of things we want... But God says to seek Him with all our heart. There was one time I wanted something so bad that I never gave up on it (Find out what it is by listening). But then I finally saw that same persistence as God led me to a place to really seek Him in my life. Maybe you feel like you have prayed and sought God, but He is saying no or keeps you waiting. Why could that be?

We hope you enjoy, and are encouraged and strengthened in your faith today.

If this encouraged you or God taught you something through this, we would love to hear from you! Comment below or email us at connect@GL4G.com.


> What could be some of the reasons God makes us wait for things we think we want?

> From today's scriptures mentioned (Jeremiah 29:11-13 and Isaiah 55:8-9), what does God want for you and what are His ways?

> What's something in your life you want more than anything else? If you put that much thought, desire, time, etc. into seeking after God as you do that, what do you think might happen? Like I said, honestly, I think many times God has to bring you to a place of needing to seek Him. Has He brought you to that place? Are you ready to listen, grow, and in time let Him take you that next step...

> Even though at times you may want to give up and feel like God isn't answering you or gives you a no, remember this time is not wasted as long as you keep on seeking Him. What might He be doing? Ask Him and trust He is always at work.


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