Lessons learned from a Cheez-it box

Imagine this:

You walk into the kitchen, your stomach growling from hunger after a rough day at school. You grab the handle on the pantry door and then you see it... gleaming there in the light... a beautiful, red and orange Cheez-­It box. You excitedly grab it, anxious to taste some of the “delicious snack crackers”! You pile onto the couch with your beloved box, and put your hand inside... then your heart sinks. There is nothing in the box. Nothing but a few crumbs.

Funny, right? I’m pretty sure this has happened to almost everyone, and we all have to admit that it just stinks. It happened to me earlier this week, and it’s crazy how God can use the little things like that to teach us and mold us into the people He wants us to be, even though this lesson was practically the most disappointing one ever :)

Through this super emotional situation (hahaha), God taught me something. That box meant nothing without those cheez­-Its inside. It was just a shell, a carrier. It was empty. It was something that looked super yummy and delicious on the outside, but had nothing on the inside. It had no purpose, no worth, nothing. When the Cheez­-Its are inside, it has a purpose. It is a vessel for something bigger, and even then, it’s not about the box. The box is worth nothing, but what it has inside shows us it’s value, purpose, and worth.

Before we know Jesus, we are just like this empty Cheez-It box. Hopefully we’re not orange, red, and a rectangular prism, but we really are similar. We are empty. We have no purpose. We are worthless. We are fragile. On the outside we try to look beautiful. We fix our hair in pretty ways, and wear the latest fashion trends. We put on makeup,and our best jewelry. We try so hard, yet we are missing the big picture. It’s not about your shell, it’s about who you belong to, who you serve, and how you serve Him.

1 Peter 3:3­4 says,

“Don’t be concerned with the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within. The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.”

It’s so hard as teenage girls to live to God’s standards instead of the world’s. When everyone around you places value in your hair, your makeup, your clothes, your jewelry, and your outside appearance, it is so hard to be bold and show the real inside beauty that comes only from God.

So many girls are searching for a purpose and a place where they can feel valuable. I know that for some, the search includes changing what you look like, what you wear, how you act, or “your outside shell” to try to fit in. It is so important to realize that you don’t have to fit in! In fact, God wants us to stand out! He wants you to know that it isn’t in your outside shell that you should find your identity. When we find our identity in Christ, we automatically get a purpose. That purpose is to serve Him and be a disciple. We also get a sense of value and belonging, because not only do we fit into the kingdom of God as a princess, but Jesus came to die for us to give us that privilege. That’s a pretty big price! On the outside we are nothing, but when we give God our outside shell and allow His grace to fill us up, we are a part of something much bigger.

Without God’s light shining through us, we are dull. Without accepting the ransom that was paid for our sins, we are worthless.

Without God inside of us leading and guiding us, we have no purpose.

Without His love radiating through us, we are ugly.

BUT with God, you always have a purpose.

With God, you can be bold and brave. With God, you have a hope.

With God, you can have confidence.

With God, you are priceless.

With God, you are beautiful.

My Cheez-­It box was empty and had no value, but I am a Child of my King. I am beautiful. I have a purpose. I have worth. I am important, special, and filled to the brim with God’s love.

Don’t be afraid to be different, and simply be a vessel for Christ. Instead of focusing on what people see when they look at you, focus on what you’re letting God show them through you. He can do amazing things with you if you let Him fill you up, give you a purpose and a value.

Sometimes it’s hard to stand up and be beautiful in a different way, so don’t forget to let the Lord make you brave. Be okay with being only a box on the outside, and live outside the box for Jesus :) God will give you everything you have been searching for. Love you girls!

XOXOXO, Mary­ Claire


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