Courageous - Trust falling into your Savior

Maybe before it seemed there was less on the line. Or maybe I'm just forgetful like the Israelites who doubted time and time again. But I swear I've been here before. I've got to let go and just not sure my hands will loosen their grip as my flesh fights the spirit.


"This is my command - be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."


"Ok just take a few steps backward to the very edge and then lean back over it." This was the voice of the army recruit who was going to give me my first repelling experience.

I wanted to, but I seriously couldn't seem to let go of my death grip on that rope.

"I can't!"

After a few minutes I stepped away and was surprised that I couldn't be braver.

Now fast forward a few years later and instead of a 5 story building I was climbing in a airplane well over 5,000 feet!

"Ok now scoot to the edge of the plane and stick your legs out the door. I will then hook myself to you and we are going to jump."

There I was, on the edge of this small plane, way up in the sky, with a guy I was choosing to trust with my life. And out we flew!

God brought these experiences to memory when He started to call me to do things that required me to be brave. The difference in the two stories is that in the first I had control. I held tightly to the rope and wouldn't let it go - not even an inch. But in the second story, I had given control to the person I chose to trust with my life and I believed He would keep me safe.

Do you see where I'm going...?

God will take your life to all new heights; and honestly it's both very scary and very exciting at the same time. God wants to do amazing things through us, but our need for controlling our lives and our fear keeps us frozen where God isn't able to work through us. But God is so good to work in us to bring us to that place where we trust Him. He desires that. He wants us to trust Him completely with our entire life!

Dear girl, God is calling you to be strong and courageous, not in your strength, but because you are fastened to the God of the universe and He's got you!

Hang on! It's going to be a crazy, wonderful journey with Him as He makes you BRAVE.

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