Discipling the next generation of girls to be strengthened in

the Holy Spirit, sharpened in God's Word, and sent out

as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.


Raising up a generation of girls who are wholeheartedly

running after Christ and teaching other generations to do the same.

Girls Living 4 God are ordinary girls who want to testify about their extraordinary God! With our online community, website, teen resources, speakers and special events, we want to encourage girls in their walk of faith, sharpening one another to...

1. Seek God with all your heart. (Jer. 29:13)

2. Testify to His truth. (Acts 20:24)

3. Learn to follow His voice. (John 10:27)

4. And be courageous in all you do! (Joshua 1:9)

 GL4G is made up of girls just like you! We're continously learning what it means to find our identity, purpose, and real love through the only one who can complete us - Jesus. 


By no means are we perfect and fall short quite often, but we’ve found forgiveness and life in our gracious Savior who changes hearts and transforms lives. Together we want to help break the mold of Hollywood and society's norms of self-indulgence & empty pursuits and instead push for a movement of girls who are wholeheartedly learning to trust and seek God's wisdom and instruction; So that through them, God's light will shine bright to the world around them. 


Come hangout, be encouraged, and share what God's been teaching you lately. There's nothing better than being a Girl Living 4 God!

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