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Once Upon a Time...

There was a girl named Dechari. She went through high school and college in search of happiness and love. Like all girls, she was God’s creation - a princess disguised as a normal kid - and the days of her youth led to lasting friendships, fleeting boyfriends (some frogs, some princes), fun memories, emotional drama, and a desire to find God’s best for her life.


Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending is her candid story - and a wonderful guide for yours as well. She takes you in like a new best friend on a journey to:

  •     understand your identity in Jesus

  •     discover God’s will for your life

  •     stand firm in your faith

  •     find a love that lasts forever


You will travel through chapters of her life where she shares some of the most important lessons God teaches her. This intriguing love story, with its twists and turns, ultimately leads you to embrace a royal invitation to a powerful destiny.

As Dechari learned...

"Only when you are captivated by the unending love of Jesus Christ

do you find the real fairy tale ending your heart desires."

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