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Hey you, yes you.


You beautiful person reading this. I have some sweet news to tell you! You are beautiful… so beautiful!! WITHOUT makeup and WITHOUT your hair done. You are beautiful because you.are.you. And I love you! And God loves you! I tend to be really insecure about myself. And it's a battle every day, but I have come to the realization that I'm giving this battle to God. Because He will fight for me.


In the morning it takes me almost an hour to do my makeup. It came to me that I could be using this time to read my Bible or spend time with the Man who holds my eternity. Makeup only lasts for a day… I have already started for about a week now, and it has truly changed each day, starting out talking to my Savior! Makeup is not a bad thing and it's totally okay to wear it as long as you know that it doesn't define you. For me, every time I wear makeup, it defines me. Immediately after I put it on I feel I look much better with it. But it's about time I start being who I am and who God wants me to be, not who the world wants me to be. So these next 30 days I'm going to spend being genuinely me, do you want to join me? I would love for you to! Try saying goodbye to makeup for just 30 days, it just might change your world!

Keep bein' awesome!



PS did anyone else notice my cat totally photo-bombing my picture?”




I was born near Detroit and lived in Michigan for the first half of my life. Shortly before we moved to the Nashville-area, I got the opportunity to play a small role in our new church's Christmas production, and something suddenly seemed to "click." I realized how much I loved the backstage camaraderie of performing and bonding with the cast. Looking back, I realize now that the devil had tried to stop me from being in the show-I would feel anxiety (spiritual warfare, I bet) that tried to convince me to skip the rehearsals, but I eventually, with the Lord's help, decided to stick with it, and I'm so thankful to the Lord that I did, since I think that God-anointed breakthrough really spurred on this acting journey for me, praise God! Not long after that production, my parents and I moved to Nashville, and the "acting bug" really kicked in. I started out doing children's theatre productions around town, and then got plugged into some acting classes. God ended up opening up doors for film opportunities, and I fell in love with acting on camera as much as theatre acting, especially the on-set life that comes with working on a film. It's amazing the bond that comes from spending time diving into characters and hanging out for many hours on set, and I find that to be a blessing from the Lord, and also an opportunity to be a light for Him on set.


The whole reason I decided to pursue acting more was to be a light to the dishearteningly dark entertainment industry, and I think of Matthew 5:16 as my theme verse. I'm so thankful God gave me this passion, and I need to remember that He didn't just give me this passion for no reason-He entrusted each of us with various passions and talents that are all equally important, and it's our job to use those gifts for His glory! Easier said than done, right? Sometimes I have bad days; I get discouraged in this journey as an actor, feeling insecure in the gifts I've been given. But then God gives me a glimpse of His power and reminds me of how faithful He has been and will continue to be, as I seek Him and His help.


Speaking of God's faithfulness, He answered my prayers for opportunities and gave me several teaching jobs! I teach 2+ acting class/week for kids of all ages, and I also work with a Christian theatre company. I love teaching and sharing what I have learned from some amazing teachers!

Being in "Remember the Goal" was an absolute blessing. Like I've said, I love being on set, and getting to know the cast and crew was a total blast. Everyone was truly lovely to work with. I really enjoyed getting to know "Anna Glass," my character in the film. We have similarities, but definitely differences as well (I'm not very athletic, unlike her;)) God blessed me with a "platform" as a result of being in "Remember the Goal," and that is such an honor. I know I now have a responsibility not just to represent the film well, but also to represent Christ, and I can't do that on my own-I need the Spirit's help every moment!




Since we recently got to see Betsy speak, we thought there’s no better time than the present to feature this amazing GL4G and ministry partner. Some might say she was born with a disability… we say she is freakin’ amazing and has a great ABILITY to share grace and strength through her journey. She might be small, but she is larger than life. We love her humor, strength and passion to share Christ even through her brokenness and struggles. Her testimony makes you laugh, then cry, and then really evaluate yourself in relation to Christ.

Check out her ministry, 

BeSmallEnough.org, and have her come speak to your group or church! Really… go contact her now! And watch her testimony here… 

 B E T S Y