Founder and President of GL4G

Dechari Cole

Dechari Cole

Dechari Cole is the founder of GL4G, an author, creative speaker, and creator of faith-based events such as My Fairy Tale Ball; but more than anything she loves testifying about Jesus! She is excited to share her heart and God’s truths in a big way this year as she brings these amazing events to your group of girls. 

Watch Dechari's message:

Stand Firm on the Rock.

Discover the beauty of 

My Fairy Tale Ball

A Different Kind of Girl

The “fruit” of Hollywood’s way vs. God’s Way

The knock-off vs the real deal

God’s best / Satan’s less

Knowing the “why” so you don’t say “why not”

True definition of purity

Being a different kind of girl

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Designed with Purpose

Discovering your purpose in who God’s created you to be

Finding God’s will & purpose for your life

Understanding God’s purpose for relationships, sex, & marriage


Why the world needs you

Understanding the battle ground

Made to shine

The worst thing you can do

Where the real work takes place

I can testify

Beautiful Are the Feet

Worth the Wait

Girls Only Weekend

Session 1:  

Is God keeping me from having fun? Really?!

Session 2:

Finding Your Fairy Tale Ending

Session 3:

Worth the wait

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A Princess Story

The different shoes we wear

The fairy tale in our heart

Finding the “One”

Our true identity

A personal walk with Jesus

Taking big steps of faith

Reading the Bible

Seeking God’s will for your life

Relationships, dating, sex, & marriage … God’s way

The unseen battle

Fighting fear & comparison

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